The Theory of Life

The Theory of Life

Executive Summary

Having a chronic illness changes a person. Eventually, one realizes they must be their own best advocate, and I have had to advocate for myself and for my special needs son – a lot. I found that research and education about your illness(es) is mandatory to feeling well. Over the years, having racked up an assortment of rheumatological, gastrointestinal, ontological, and neurological ailments as well as having a child with Autism, I have done much research on health in general. My findings have been enlightening.  I have come to some interesting conclusions about my own health, as well as the health of others. We are not so different. In fact, we are all very much the same, not just as humans, as life forms on Earth, or even as solar systems. I will explain this in the following posts and I will bring this full circle. This “blog” will serve as a living document and sections of it will be altered and increased as learning continues. Enjoy.

The Brain and Consciousness

     Our brain knows its function better than we do, though we often think we are smarter than our bodies. Our subconscious tells us of facts and issues through our consciences but quite often we do not listen. For example, our brains have a safety shut down switch when our conscious selves cannot maintain​ body operations through breathing sufficient amounts of oxygen prior to complete brain shut down. Moreover, when we have a panic attack we hyperventilate and can pass out. Our autonomic nervous system owns our bodies, without our permission.

[The irony is we call our “higher” functioning or consciousness, “executive function” when, in fact, the more primal portion of our brain actually runs the show by keeping us alive via running the heart, lungs, etcetera which allows us to access use of higher functioning. Further, when one gets sick, cognitive or higher function is slowed so the brain may ferry sufficient energy to heal the body. But, we pay little attention to the actual intellect behind the curtain.]

We do not tell our bodies to go to the bathroom. Our brains tell us we have to go via nerve signals from the bladder to the brain, and back to the bladder. Then, our brains tell us what we need to do, until the conscious self finishes the process, the act of going to the bathroom. If our conscious mind refuses to go and withholds, we will eventually go to the bathroom all over ourselves or do things like cause bladder pain potentially leading to bladder infection, cause fecal impaction, and so on. One way or another, there is always a consequence for not listening to your body.  

     The brain’s primary objective is to survive for as long as possible at all costs, even if it kills you. Thus, in order to keep you alive now, the brain may be forced to selectively shut down or slow certain systems which can lead to a shortened life span, sacrifice. The brain was designed and exists to control the human machine making the nervous system truly the one system to rule them all. Therefore, it is illogical to treat a medical issue without co-treating the nervous system. Otherwise, we ask our brains to heal a part of our body while continuing to run the rest of it, and we for some reason expect it to function to the standards of our consciousness. The nervous system needs support, otherwise it is stressed, over taxed, and cannot sufficiently heal. We are too focused on the smaller picture while making ourselves even more sick often by putting too much stress on the nervous system through not providing adequate support at all times; but, especially during times of illness and injury.  

     The brain is capable of running a body with a normal genetic code. This is why we call genetic abnormalities, deformities or mutations. Genetic mutations are complicated as many of them are physically obvious to the world, and many are not. They are faults in our systems causing complications for brain function. For example, our bodies cannot make within it all the nutrients required to sustain life, so it is reliant upon us to fill the nutritional gaps created by genetic deformities, such as the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene deformities (MTHFR), poor diets, absorbability and processing issues.​  

     Nutrient blood tests are available and an easy way to measure what patients are not getting and what they have too much of. This is one of the simplest places to start and can help to pinpoint what genetic deformities may need to be tested as well as see what organ(s) is not functioning properly before the damage hits the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP). The earlier we catch these gaps and fill them in, the fewer chronic illnesses we will experience throughout life. Moreover, while illness is inevitable, with mutated genes, there are no real cures for many, so finding these issues early, and taking the necessary supplements, medications, and being given the appropriate treatment is an important thing to work on fixing right now in terms of patient care.  

     We have damaged our genetic code and our brain requires help compensating for what we’ve done to ourselves from contaminant build up within society and because of the dietary changes brought forth by civilization. Some chemical agents have altered our DNA. For example, Nine P minus syndrome is a genetic deformity pertaining to an alteration with the 9th chromosome resulting in physical deformity as well as a series of associated medical ailments, and may be the result of contaminant exposure  (McKusick). This is not the only form of gene mutation there is.

Gene Mutation – MTHFR

     Humans were not designed to function in today’s society as we have strayed away from the diet and lifestyle that sustained us for thousands of years before civilization. Thus, our genes are being altered because of our poor decisions as a people. We are beyond many cures now, apart from early detection, filling gaps, and providing more brain support because it is crucial and it takes generations to fix genetic changes, but it can still be done. For example, the MTHFR gene mutation affects the body’s ability to absorb folate, which also affects one’s B-12 levels. If our micronutrient gaps are not checked, and filled, people with the MTHFR gene mutation(s) may not be able to absorb sufficient amounts of folate, which is needed for B-12 conversion (NIH). If B-12 is not converted, it will build up and remain in the liver. This, in turn, causes two deficiencies being folate and B-12, and an overdose of B-12 resulting in neurological symptoms. Further, this mutation makes it difficult for the body to use synthetic B-12 making the methylated version found in food and certain supplements essential for adequate liver function.

Mediating Medications

    Prednisone is a useful and essential medication for its powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities. However, it goes against the Hippocratic Oath to knowingly distribute medications that can harm through depletion, etc., without also prescribing the supplement(s) necessary to combat medication related damage, especially when it is so readily available (Shmerling). The correct supplement recommendation or prescriptions can prevent harmful damage due to medication related depletion, and it is hypocritical, harmful, and medically neglectful to prescribe a medication knowing it’s potential to harm while knowing that some of the damage can be prevented, and not taking the necessary steps to aid in circumventing it. Risks versus benefits do not have to be so risky. Further, it is unethical to prescribe such medications and not provide comprehensive follow up lab work to ensure damage prevention before patients hit Cushing’s or Addison’s disease, cause brittle bones, tooth decay, develop thyroid conditions, etc.

     Even when patients develop adrenal related symptoms for example, due to prolonged steroid use, it is not common practice to monitor and support the adrenal glands until they can fully function on their own again. Further, if a patient does get tested for their adrenals via an endocrinologist, the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) lab does not measure dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is also an essential hormone created in the adrenals and helps to facilitate many hormone functions, particularly in the liver. Thus, the patient with adrenal fatigue who is in the “normal range” for ACTH may have low or high levels of DHEA. Without knowing if their DHEA levels are off, the patient cannot get the treatment they require. Without effective treatment the patient will likely end up on more medications with the general medical consensus being the person suffers from depression when they actually need the appropriate labs and supplementation before the patient develops an autoimmune condition.  

     When we are born with a damaged genetic code, we are born with already strained nervous systems as our brains are trying to adapt to a Herculean amount of physical, cognitive, and emotional development, all of which are so rapid during the first few years of life. The same system must also power the body, and continuously search for and fix any and all issues preventing homeostasis. Eventually, as we grow, we get repeated infections be it ear infections, UTI’s, and so on, it’s a part of life. Women, for example, can encounter many UTI’s throughout life due to their physiology alone. Take a woman who has sustained many UTI’s, and also has an undiscovered and an untreated genetic mutation like MTHFR. Given the brain remembers repeated attacks and has the ability to make antibodies to protect itself from repeat infections, if nutrient issues are not taken care of, it is most likely the brain will begin attacking places of repeat infection in an attempt to ultimately fix the problem and begin to create antibodies against healthy tissue. The difference between early detection and waiting can be the difference between a happy healthy life or a life full of autoimmune disease, with a string of compounding comorbidities and literally baskets full of medications.  

     Hence, healthy tissue antibody creation is a sign we have waited too long before finding the crux of the issue and the brain has taken on the issue the best way it knows how to take care of any illness, attack it. This compounds into a series of diseases and the only thing to do is uncover the underlying issue by researching the entire story through finding the genetic deformity, filling in the nutritional gaps, and slowly working on helping the brain to repair what can be repaired. Which is why we see so many Lupus patients with Lupus Nephritis given that as of 2008, 78% of all autoimmune illness patients were women (Fairweather,3). This disproportionate number between men and women is directly linked to the stress attached to a woman’s body in comparison to a man’s. Thus, a man’s twenty-four hour testosterone cycle allows for daily seminal production so he can breed every day (NIH). 

     A woman’s hormone cycle is monthly; however, and is implemented in stages where various hormones peak and valley creating neural strain as the body prepares for life through the continual passing and removal of non fertilized eggs (Braverman, and Persad). Further, a woman’s body is strained with each baby she develops and fosters, with every labor, from nursing and so on (Horowitz, Goode, and Turley). Many women with the MTHFR genetic mutation feel better throughout their pregnancies and throughout nursing due to their prenatal vitamins which are high in folic acid. Once the prenatal vitamins are stopped, illness slowly begins to arise and the correlations are not made. Post-partum and post nursing nutrient testing can help to alleviate the systems by helping to catch these genetic deformities before the snowball effect begins to destroy lives, marriages, and families repeating a cycle of negativity. Moreover, while we cannot prevent illness in general, we can put an end to causing otherwise preventable autoimmune, gastrointestinal, and ultimately neurological damage as it all begins with the brain and its needs. 

Vagus Baby Vagus

     So the brain is not connected to autoimmune diseases right? Actually, it absolutely is. It is attached to all of the body and every autoimmune disease can be tied in one way or the other to the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve works autonomously meaning it works without your giving it permission. That’s why your autonomic system turns you off when you have a panic attack. It literally renders your conscious incapable and shuts you down. The vagus nerve itself is a nerve system and consists of the right and left vagus nerves. Given these are nerves and essential parts of the nervous system, should they not get the help they deserve? They are clearly in distress. This nerve system controls organ function from the eustachian tubes, to the lungs, stomach causing gastroparesis, the intestines causing IBS or IBS-C, and mediates hormone production (Estacio, Tsukamura, Yamada, Hirunagi, and Maeda). Interestingly, there is a link between lupus flares and estrogen production. Even more interesting is that DHEA, which is made by the adrenals, assists in estrogen production through the liver.  

     Going more in depth, a patient with the MTHFR gene mutation will be born with liver function interference. The liver is involved in mucus production, mucus cleansing, white blood cell production (immune system), metabolic function, and in excretory function. When the liver cannot do its job efficiently, the brain looks for energy through the pancreas. The pancreas is involved in metabolic function and excretion via the kidneys. The pancreas can only do so much and cannot handle being over taxed for too long. After a certain amount of time, the stress on the pancreas begins to affect the kidneys causing Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).  

Not Nervous, Nervous System

     We look at nervous system disorders like migraines and autism and no one asks what nutrient the patient is missing, but they do ask what the cause could be. Take two seemingly unrelated disorders, one allegedly metabolic and one allegedly neurological, Grave’s disease (and Hashitoxicosis) and Autism. In those disorders we see “temperature” related sensitivities, depending on severity. In both disorders patients seek cooler temperatures for comfort. As a Grave’s (Hashitoxicosis) patient, there have been times I could not go within a few feet of my husband because I could feel the radiant heat emitting from his body.  

     This suggests hyper environmental receptivity over sensitivity. People are highly receptive to their environment and other energy producing beings via nerve receptors and seek comfort (anti inflammation) through avoiding warmth and searching for colder stimuli to reduce the neural heat produced by the electricity in the brain. This is why metabolic disorders are so detrimental to the nervous system. A metabolism creating the right amount of energy allows for a brain/nervous system that will overheat less. However, the metabolism is not often a part of an autism screening, that is endocrinology not psychiatry. Therein lies the issue, medical compartmentalization and fragmentation.  


     How do we help to provide extra support for the nervous system? Most of it is easy, do what Jesus would do. Jesus and others like him, who’s religions were initially based on love, kindness, caring, and sharing encourages neural homeostasis through living the path of least resistance; which, in turn, creates the least possible amount of strain on the body. Conversely, consider the deadly sins, killing, stealing, wrath, gluttony and so on. All of these behaviors induce high cortisol levels, especially if these behaviors are repeated over long periods of time. Prolonged elevated levels of cortisol can lead to an adrenal dump which can lead to thyroid issues, pancreatic disease , and the domino effect continues, so good behavior and kindness can help to keep the doctor away. How else can you help your nervous system? You can by understanding electrical current.  


     Our brains are not much different than their computer counterparts. Both systems run on electricity and require a constant flow of current to function properly. This takes us to Ohm’s Law being i=v/r which states that the current being (i) flowing, “through a circuit is directly proportional to the voltage (v) and inversely proportional to resistance (r)”, ( Therefore, increases in voltage create an increase in current. Conversely, if resistance is increased, current will decrease ( This applies to organic electricity as much as it does to non-organic or synthetic made mechanics. Organic machines like humans are infinitely more complicated and can be likened to rechargeable bioorganic batteries with consciousness or free will.  

     In today’s society, between being surrounded by technology (electrical machinery), sitting for prolonged periods of time, clothing, arid atmospheres, and dry skin we are more susceptible than ever to static build-up (Care). This is an example of build-up in electrical current resulting in a small shock when the pent-up energy finds a ground to reduce resistance or another circuit to flow through. As humans, we are both circuit and ground. Added resistance in organic energy flow or current and the brain/nervous system is forced to work harder creating strain. This increased strain for long periods of time, results in overall system malfunction or reduced overall cognitive and bodily function. Residual stresses will result in residual illness without providing special care to the nervous system.

[In nature, all juvenile (infants and children) mammals learn through play. In human society, children are forced to sit down for prolonged periods of time to learn. After X amount of time stuck in one place too long, a child in school may begin to demonstrate the same set of neurological symptoms also seen in wild animals trapped within a zoo.]

So how can we help to support our own electrical flow? The brain tells us what it wants and we pay good money to give it what it wants in ways we don’t understand. It needs to have a sufficient current so it can send and receive messages from all reaches of it’s machine and it has an instant reward system for providing assistance, neurotransmitters (Vaskovic).  Movement, nutrition, oxygenation, cold and heat are all helpful in assisting one’s electrical flow.

Chill Vibes

     Today’s society is way over stressed. Massaging the cranium, face, and neck can help to reduce pain and tension you may not even know you have. Your head has muscles all around it and muscle’s nociceptors are highly reactive to electric current since they move and support the body working both consciously and autonomically and require the most amount of charge as a system, musculoskeletal (Mense). This also means muscles are great conductors and transporters of electricity. This is why when we are shocked, our jaws automatically clench (Fish, Geddes).  Moreover, the muscles are the brain’s front line defense for electrical overload allowing for electrical redirection and through creating a barrier between excess electricity and the brain. This will only do so much as the body can only safeguard itself against so much electricity, particularly without sufficient ground as we are not magical, fictitious creatures.

Given your head and the muscles around it holds within it the central electrical hub controlling all body operations, it should come as no surprise the muscles in the cranium and neck are the first places to become tense from neural stress followed by the back down the spine and branching off at the cauda equina where it hits the glutes causing piriformis syndrome, sciatica, and then radiculopathy (Mayo Clinic). An unchecked excess of neural heat can do that alone. Further, muscle tension reduces electrical flow causing more tension creating a cycle of pain in the head, ears, jaw, neck, down the arms, back and legs. Symptoms depend on which nerve group is being affected most and will either be bilateral due to spinal tension or one sided based on heat brought on by right or left side brain activity and vagal function. Alleviating inflammation related to muscle tension through massage helps to increase flow through reducing resistance and through skin to skin contact. Further, increased movement on the affected side in unilateral muscle tension caused by electrical resistance, not through illness or injury, helps to spread neural activity to both sides of the brain which assists in moving electricity to the other side of the body as well reducing overall resistance or Ohms.

    [Becoming physically hot while upset, angry, anxious, and such without an elevated internal temperature is an example of our systems overheating which is why we go “cool down”. When our nerves become hot, our muscles tighten and massaging out the cranium, face, and neck can help to reduce resistance build up and can help to prevent or reduce the symptoms related to issues like migraines, occipital neuralgia, TMJ, and other debilitating chronic illnesses (John Hopkins).] 

     Further, massaging the hands and feet helps to reduce tension which is helpful for moving electricity and altering current as they have such a high concentration of nerves. This is why we lose so much heat from our feet, hands, and head. Understanding the relation between muscles and their reaction to our own electricity allows one to understand the medical, neurological benefits massage and chiropractic care provides; so, making it common practice and paid for by insurance companies can help to reduce overall costs by helping to reduce or prevent specialist costs. It can also help to reduce the burden placed on doctors as we have a patient to doctor deficit and the gap is growing (Jones).  

Just Breathe

    Oxygen binds with hemoglobin and they charge the body through transporting electrons throughout the circulatory system. This helps the electricity from within your nerves to flow throughout the body sending and receiving messages. If you notice, your major arteries run along your largest nervous system transport centers and the circulatory system and nervous system branch off in sync with each other. Thus, when you hyperventilate, you inhale too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen preventing your body from being sufficiently ionized reducing neural signal efficacy. At a certain point, the brain renders us unconscious allowing our autonomic system to take over and regulate breathing before the point of no return, provided the body is in an environment that will allow it to do so. 

     Atmospheric oxygen is full of other gasses and contaminants making therapies like hyperbaric chambers, practicing slow breathing exercises, yoga, massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture all medically valuable therapies. These therapies encourage electrical flow through smoothing out muscle tissue, reducing Ohms, through encouraging healthy blood flow, by increasing oxygen levels through inhaling safe amounts of more pure oxygen than atmospheric oxygen. These techniques also help through encouraging movement, and through skin hydration since massage and facials use skin, a moisturizing lubricant, and friction. The lubricant and friction in massage helps to remove surface skin cells that may otherwise trap the new skin’s exposure to atmospheric oxygen preventing the skin from absorbing sufficient oxygen (Baird). The easier the body can obtain the voltage and current it needs through food and the environment, the less nervous system strain there will be; thus, oxygen therapies are valuable and should be seen as a essential nervous system tools.  

     In addition, given the importance of the body’s ability to sufficiently oxidize it is important to also understand, when looking into a patient’s genetic deformities, which organ is being directly affected. For example, the MTHFR gene mutation affects liver function, so there is value in checking all nutrients, to include amino acids, that particular organ requires for function as there are other nutrients these genes may interfere with. Moreover, research will show that many people with Autism have at least one MTHFR gene mutation(s) as they and many of their family members do not make sufficient folate resulting in deficiency which impacts early fetal development. But, these people may also be deficient in L-Carnitine and other essential amino acids (NIH). These people require large amounts of sugar to power their overactive electrical systems as they are straining to oxidize fat for energy which is why they both have issues with hypoglycemia and are often slightly overweight.  

     Looking into L-carnitine supplementation in lieu of other stimulants may help to reduce the cyclical behaviors seen in autism, hypothyroid disorders (to include Hashitoxicosis), hypoglycemia, adrenal disorders, vagus nerve disorders, and obesity. Vitamin supplement stores carry L-carnitine over the counter but I believe companies with research facilities such as Shire Inc, would do wonders in the world of creating safe, healthy, more absorbable and FDA approvable nutrients with accurate and effective doses. I know Shire Inc. and others like it have been looking for ways they can help children with special needs for a long time. Therefore, it is important they understand how valuable they and their research has been and will continue to be going in the right direction. Making sure nutrient needs are taken care of literally helps to cool our bodies down. 

     These cyclical neurological behaviors seen in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, Autism, addiction, and so on can also be seen in obesity. The brain has a need for calories or sugar and the reward system attached is tangible. The human eats, and the brain recognizes the need for some extra calories in order to handle being overactive from straining to metabolize fat due to an underlying condition affecting the liver. When an underlying condition has not been taken care of, eventually the human becomes overweight and the brain gets stuck in this pattern leading to metabolic, circulatory, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and neurological ailments. Continuing these cycles allows for more inflammation, more swelling, and slower healing times which ultimately leads to more infection creating the need for more antibiotics; and thus, initiates or hastens the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria strains.

The brain is mostly composed of fatty tissue and requires fat for coating itself and the rest of the body internally and externally as a way to protect it from electrical damage or oxidative damage or radiation damage. Therefore, if a person is eating a high sugar, high protein, and low fat diet, the brain will hold on to the excess fat in an attempt to protect itself against future oxidative damage resulting in obesity. If a body consumes high levels of protein, high fat, and low sugar, the liver will become over active, the kidneys will become less active and protein is the most time consuming and difficult macronutrient to process which is why it is so constipating. Any Chef or cook can tell you that both fat and sugar have lower melting points than meat. They will also tell you that fat is essential for preventing sugars and proteins from sticking to the pan. Our pan is our digestive tract. Thus, the most effective diet for brain and body function consists of high fat, high sugar, and lower protein which is why whole milk, eggs, and walnuts are such complete foods.

     In addition to our increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria, we see a disproportionate amount of black females who have Lupus. Considering the amount of vitamin D women of color require for melanin production, having an underlying liver condition such as the MTHFR gene mutations reduces their ability to efficiently metabolize or oxidize vitamin D. With out the ability to process this fat soluble vitamin, they will continue to get sicker at a disproportionate rate. It is unhealthy for black people in general to stay out of the sun but without being able to effectively process body fat through inherent genetic deformities pertaining to the liver, one cannot receive too much vitamin D or they will develop allergies to ultraviolet rays perpetuating the issue. Black women are not the only members of the black community who suffer immensely from the MTHFR genetic mutation, vitamin D malabsorption and so forth.

     The male’s autonomic system is slightly different from a female’s. We can see this in studies relating to the heart via the National Institute of Health (Avadhany). If a man’s electrical system is different from a woman’s, his body’s reaction to a particular disease will likely present differently as well. After years of over cortisol production from having a liver that cannot effectively process fat soluble vitamins while needing them more than the rest of the populous, because darker skin requires more melanin production, the adrenals then become fatigued and men will gain weight in a manner similar to that seen in Cushing’s disease. The black community in particular needs more efficient genetic testing for liver function (not comprehensive metabolic panels as they only show when the organs are beginning to fail, nutrient and genetic testing are essential) so their bodies can get what they need and they will live happier, healthier lives. 

     Many of us have this deformity or at least one of the two MTHFR mutations and suffering from its complications transcends skin color as anyone can suffer from it; however, those who require more sun for sufficient vitamin D absorption suffer the most. Further, tribal cultures who were exposed to or converted to a lower fat diet last or in more recent times, have had less time to adapt and are subject to more symptoms than those who have been subject to this diet for generations. This is why the Native American population saw such a high incidence of alcoholism. Moreover, if you have diabetes and/or thyroid disorders somewhere in your family, it is probable you carry at least one of the MTHFR polymorphisms. This mutation can be traced back to the beginning of civilization with the advent of agriculture or the mass farming of grains, breaking them down through processing, and when humans started eating less meat. Meat was always an essential component in fat metabolism given it, in its least processed form has sufficient fats, proteins, amino acids like L-carnitine and collagen.

     When humans changed their diets and thus altered the balance created by nomadic living, their bodies tried to change with it in the form of genetic mutation. The MTHFR mutation renders the liver lazy or has damaged its ability to process specific nutrients causing the pancreas and kidneys to have to over compensate for the increase in sugar to fat and protein intake. Our bodies need protein which is processed both in the liver and the kidneys, and sugar which is processed through the pancreas then the kidneys. The adrenals are affected by both the liver and kidneys. Further, thyroid function in terms of T-4 to T-3 conversion takes place in the liver. 

     This is why we are finding the paleo diet has been a more effective means of weight loss and better health, the liver starts working and the kidneys might get a little bit of a break. But, moderation is important in everything and understanding our systems is key to overall health and neural homeostasis. Our bodies require close to equal amounts of fat and sugar, and lower amounts of protein. The human life changes seen with the advent of civilization or ancient civilizations such as Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, China, Japan, the Mayans, the Aztecs and so on all saw a dietary change increasing carbohydrates because farming was easier than hunting. They farmed lower fat nutrients such as corn and wheat instead of nuts and fatty fruits.

This is when we, as a species, changed our DNA in a way that would harm our livers for generations as it is rampant not just in America, but in all other places in the world where sugars and proteins are consumed well above fat. Moreover, we are reversing the intellectual strides we were making as humans as we evolved to a place where we could come together and create wonderful things after having introduced more whole, full fat, meat or dried meat to our diets. After a while however, those beautiful things began to be created through brutality as we all lost our health, life longevity, and the full use of our nervous systems. The worst affected were the leaders from dynasties who ate excess amounts of sugar via food and alcohol.  We are still told fat is bad, except for the fats they are now learning are healthy and essential; but, we can only know what we have learned through the teachings of others and through the knowledge we seek for ourselves.

     When we changed our diets, we created an imbalance in our nutrient profiles and damaged our bodies. These changes caused our bodies to stop converting fat properly which, in turn, altered the way our bodies use the electricity it needs to live. Since life will always find a way, our DNA changed trying to compensate for our choices. Our bodies cannot; however, compensate for what they cannot make. Therefore, it relies on us to figure out how to help it and that boils down to nutrition, oxygen, electricity, movement, and ultimately supporting our brains.

That’s Cool, it’s Hot

     Another ally available to us in terms of neural support is temperature. Cold restricts molecules bringing them closer together allowing for a more direct electrical pathway throughout the body allowing for more efficient neural transmission. This, in turn, supports the validity in the anecdotal claims regarding faster healing times from therapies like oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy helps to ionize the body while cold or cool provides a more direct path for electricity to pass through. This is why we see athletes take ice baths after games and swear they heal faster. They are preventing post activity swelling by using cold therapy to compact molecules so the nervous system can jump in and start healing before swelling and inflammation take over and dilute signals.  

     Swelling disperses neural signals reducing healing time. Therefore, water retention from inflammation, excess sodium, medications, lack of movement and so on interferes with neural signal causing an increase in neural strain and will prolong healing time. An example of swelling impacting healing time is when we see a contusion. The contusion will heal from the outside in, in a circular pattern, and in accordance with which parts of the injury are the most swollen or have the most edema (Mayo Clinic). This is due to neural signals having the ability to enter the area of injury, get direct signals, and initiate the healing process.  

     The sooner swelling is relieved, the sooner the brain’s electrical signals can heal the effected area and using cold as a vasodilator is common practice for injuries. An example would be the difference between electricity bouncing around a pool or the electricity bouncing around a plasma ball versus electricity moving through a cable. Electricity within water or a plasma ball reaches outward and in all directions bouncing around randomly searching for a direct path; whereas, electricity guided through a cable is concentrated energy following a specific pathway. The use of cold being applied to organic electricity which uses an organic vessel such as the human body with organic wiring basking in its own flowing electrolytes can help to encourage a straighter more concentrated neural current.   

     [This does not have to mean uncomfortably cold. Some of these ice bath athletes are very large men with very large and at the time, very hot muscles. The ice may feel very good for a few moments after playing. However, it may not be for everyone and cool over cold can be very beneficial. Your brain will let you know what it likes and all you have to do is listen.]

     Unless medically necessary, there is no need to shock your body or induce tight capillary restriction, otherwise the idea is lost and there could be more harm done than good. The goal is optimal electrical current by reducing inflammation, reducing resistance and we are over 90 degrees Fahrenheit so anything under that is cooler. This same form of vasoconstriction can be very helpful for migraine patients, patients with autism, ADHD, and other overactive nervous system or metabolic disorders. Often, for neurological disorders such as migraines and ADHD, stimulants are used for their analgesic affect. However, stimulants are not always as effective as we would like. 

     Like cold, caffeine is a vasorestrictor and temporarily reduces inflammation through capillary restriction. The downside of this therapy is the cyclical effect such as rebound headaches and repeated behaviors when the medication wears off. Their nervous systems, which may currently already be over-active due to stress and an overabundance of quick burning sugars over their stored fat burning energy, are being given more voltage through stimulants. The brain is fighting an overabundance of electrical resistance, it is hot and inflamed. Therefore, the nerves in the face, head, neck and beyond can become hot and inflamed. This is why people with so many disorders like Autism, pain patients, and people who have a fever, feel a lot better with using ice, cold compresses, massage, and Chiropractic are and hyperbaric chambers.  

     When stimulants are added to an already overactive nervous system, eventually, the adrenals are impacted, which, in turn affects the thyroid, pancreas and/or other organs, most of which are not monitored as a result of prolonged caffeine intake nor are the adrenals provided with sufficient support to prevent fatigue. This all leads to the same cycle between illness to chronic illness to the immune system attacking itself. Treatments often go between stimulants such as amphetamine derivatives and neuro depressants via opiate derivatives such as barbiturates which relaxes the nervous system and are habit forming because the over taxed brain needs for relaxation. These are then followed by neuropathic medications such as gabapentin or Lyrica when inflammation becomes nerve impingement or radiculopathy, each of which cause swelling. Treating the overactive nervous system before it gets that far and filling nutrient gaps can prevent or reduce many inherited chronic metabolic and pain problems. 

     Moreover, not doing so and only using band aid treatment results in looping behavior be it pain related, psychological or behavioral disorders, addiction or from inflammatory conditions. To add, given the amount of nerve clusters within the cranium and the amount of heat emanating from the brain, it is important to understand internal nerve systems such as the vestibular system, vagus system, sinuses, and so on are all impacted at one time or another which is why people with Autism, and ear disease suffers due to eustachian tube dysfunction can both encounter hyperacusis. This tells us both disorders impact the vestibular system and given they are all connected, we can deduce if the vestibular system becomes inflamed in Autism, so too can the vagus nerve. A lazy vagus nerve often results in infections due to trapped fluid in the eustachian tubes, ears and the sinuses.

     Heating up the sinus cavity, thinning the mucus, and placing an icepack on or around the back of the head and neck can reduce swelling and may be an effective non-medication mediated method of sinus and ear drainage as saline assists with bacteria but also induces inflammation. Topical Voltaren placed on the head, around the ears, and on the occipital nerves (depending on where it is needed at the time and following the appropriate dosages is important) can help tremendously with both sinus and ear drainage. Moreover, maintaining the least amount of inflammation possible through massage, sufficient oxygen, movement and cold can help to reduce many internal and external nerve related ailments.  

     This is especially important for those who already have had autoimmune activation as infections such as untreated unilateral inner ear infections, colds, strep throat, and so on causing vagal inflammation can quickly result in autoimmune activation. Eventually, this problem becomes bilateral and can be diagnosed as being bilateral menieres, autoimmune mediated menieres or Autoimmune inner ear disorder or AIED, which adds vestibular involvement during flares. Once autoimmune involvement becomes activated in the form of autoimmune disease, mediating and getting to the bottom of it and any and all infections as soon as possible is key in effective treatment.  Further, treating the liver at this point requires slow activation as toxins and fat soluble vitamins are stored in fat and should not be permitted to flood the system. This is why Plaquenil can be such a helpful tool in autoimmune intervention as it can mediate or slow liver function as the liver begins to receive the nutrients it needs to begin functioning properly and the body begins to heal; but, it first needs the nutrients necessary to facilitate healing.

Heat can also be used to initiate swelling in areas of macular tension. Applying heat to an area of muscular tension causes water to collect in the area, or it initiates targeted swelling; which, as mentioned above, disperses electrical signals. The dispersed electrical pulses work together with the water which is saturated with white blood cells, to pulverize, push through, and reabsorb the cartilaginous material which had hardened within the muscle tissue causing masses or knots. This induces a feeling of calm as the muscle relaxes under the heat. This is why the combination of cool and heat therapy work so well when used in conjunction with each other, synergy.

Newtons – That’s magnetic!!!

      Magnetic therapies have been under investigation for some time with slightly mixed reviews. We do know and appreciate the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI’s and we have been seeing strides being made in cranial magnet therapy, but we are still uncovering so much (UCLA). Using force via Newtons to target a body part allows for increased neural stimulation through initiating an increase of current speed while also placing focused energy on affected areas. This has little to no negative consequence on the body as our nervous system regulates its current as long as it has sufficient help and as long as there is not an excess of force applied and electricity is not added. Further, when the force from magnetic therapy is removed from the body, the brain will re-regulate it’s flow using it’s pumps system (heart), it’s exhaust system (lungs), and through movement, (muscles, and skin). We know magnet therapy works or at least can serve a purpose; therefore, we need to look to see how much force is beneficial per individual and make sure we understand our need for grounding.  

     Often when we refer to grounding, we refer to touching the ground or another object for energy disbursement. When one person touches another, they share both voltage and current. Their brains adapt and in sharing that energy, they help to give each other what each other needs be it less resistance, more or less voltage. Our brains respond to this automatically by telling us it feels good. In other words, we literally help to power each other, touch is essential for both grounding and current control, and empirical proof of this is easy to show through the use of a human voltmeter which one can easily purchase online.

     Men and women are built as positive and negative charges. Men, being warmer preserving life through sperm production, represent a positive charge. Women, being colder to prevent or reduce miscarriage, represent the negative charge in terms of attraction, referencing Sir Isac Newton’s laws of universal gravitation being, “the​ force of attraction between two masses is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers” (NASA). The union of the warmth and cool of each other’s bodies allow for the most effective neural relief resulting in instant positive feedback and why we see babies heal faster with skin to skin contact with their parents. This is why the elderly need visitors and they have so many amazing stories to tell so seek them out and listen. This is also why people react so well to petting animals and vice versa. Touch is essential for human survival.  

     If you break it down even further, Fe-male represents the Earthen half of life as Fe is the atomic symbol for ferrous sulfate or iron. Iron is positively charged and is necessary in blood for ionization. Women require more iron for a longer period of time because they hold, grow, and sustain life. Breaking it down further, Aunt or Auntie is ante given she is the antecedent to life as she is female as are all mothers. Uncle stands for UNC or pathway. Thus, the uncle is the pathway to her, the mother. Grandma is good mother or movement (more on this later) and grandpa is good pathway. This is why women were revered and the Earth Mother worshiped before civilization when women became the first slaves and traded as livestock. Male, being the positive half, or the sun, warms and protects the Earth to help to facilitate and sustain life. The two and their charges are essential for all life, one requiring the other as much as the other requires it.  

Judy’s Rainbow

     When population becomes an issue, being an overabundance of or a drop in population, evolutionary changes take place. We see this in amphibious creatures like frogs. The human body is more complicated than a frog’s in terms of energy. Instead of changing sex, over a couple generations, the human brain is capable of changing electric charge to represent the other gender. Thus, a woman may be born with a positive charge and a man with a negative charge and metabolic studies may show differences between heterosexual and homosexual females and males. To add, it is possible transgender people are the combination of both electrical charges and are the precursor to our first evolutionary hermaphroditic sapiens as an A sexual species will procreate when the body is ready, unlike what we see today with so many children (teens and early 20’s) breeding before the body has finished developing. As seen in animals, just because they can breed young, it does not mean they should because it harms their bodies and slows development.

     Having inverted charges creates same sex attraction causing positive feedback through current. This tells us that gay and transgender people are evolutionary phenomena who are valuable markers of the times and they alert us as to what we need to do as a society. It does not mean we stop breeding. Instead, it means reducing populations in areas being most subjected to high concentrations of people because the environment requires balance within its ecosystem. Each ecosystem requires a delicate balance of atmospheric gasses to sustain healthy life given that air provides the transport necessary for the electricity for our bodies to sustain themselves.  

     This applies to all life in that area mammalian, aquatic, aviary, reptilian, arachnid, insect, and so on. Not paying attention to this interrupts all life in that system causing illness through an over abundance of contaminants. This is why nomadic tribes moved. It was understood before civilization that moving in herds and with seasonal changes allowed for continuous hunting and prevented over contamination in any one area. When civilization began, people altered the terrain to fit them year round and remaining in one space created environmental contamination buildup.  

     History tells us that gay people have been around since the beginning of civilization and before. Historians and Archaeologists have found proof of gays within Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and so on (Pickett). Larger populations of gays back then emerged in a time when world expansion and dominance was a societal goal; therefore, homosexual coexistence imposed a threat more than anything. Thus, it is difficult to spread and infiltrate if your people do not all desire or require breeding with each other. Understanding now their value, it is important to give the gay populations the rights they deserve as humans because they were born this way and their presence is intentional and beautiful.  

In the Beginning

     In the beginning, God made man from God’s own image. God made Adam or the atom. Being male Adam had a positive charge and the proton is in the center of the atom with the neutrons. Eve, the electron, who also represents the negative charge, was created from Adam’s rib, or from the atom’s force because their connection is explosive. Therefore, when God made man, God separated itself into two halves creating two beings from its one. This means each half requires the other for life as the one charge will always require and attract the other. 

     One of my biggest issues with physics was my being stuck on The Big Bang theory which states that, “all of the current and past matter in the Universe came into existence at the same time, roughly 13.8 billion years ago” (Williams). That concept in conjunction with the law of conservation being, “energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another,” baffled me (Donev). After​ all, how can you get something from nothing, but also have something infinite like that, having no beginning or end? I then applied energy only to the planet Earth given it has an atmosphere and all energy contained within it stays within it unless it is added or removed. This took me back to how life is created, man and woman being two halves of one atom.  

     What about the rest because we are more than just electricity? This brings me to the God particle, or the neutron, black holes, and Newton’s third law of motion stating that an object at rest will remain at rest if no force is applied (NASA). Conversely, it states that an object will remain in perpetual, linear motion unless force is applied to it (NASA). When a neutron dies, it breaks up into a proton, electron, and antimatter or an antineutrino (Starr). A large enough neutron cluster in the vacuum of outer space dying, would generate enough spark to ignite the antimatter creating a spherical blast.

Black Hole’s Sun Has a Frozen Heart, and Planets

     A blast in the vacuum of space moves in all directions creating a sphere of outward energy; however, Newton’s third law of motion comes into play, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; therefore, when the blast force has reached its limit in lightyears, the opposite reaction must happen meaning it will implode as the energy and antimatter collapses back into itself (NASA). Implosion creates force and friction which, in turn, creates fusion through heat and compression. However, Newton’s first law of motion applies to this situation as well because as the energy pulses back and forth, smaller clusters of neutrons are spit out. When the first cluster decomposed it created a smaller black hole. This newer black hole, due to the force applied to it during its own explosion and the circular path created by the pulling force of the implosion, this black hole begins both spinning on an axis and circling the center of the original blast, orbit. However, back home in the center, with all of the heat energy gone for lightyears, the fused matter in the center of the black hole becomes beyond freezing, cold fusion.

     Now, there is a gravitational force encircling the new orb formed in the center of the black hole, or what will later be known as the sun. However, there is now gravitational force emitting from the new, smaller black hole creating a positive against positive effect as the electricity bounces back to the sun. This gravitational force acts like the magnetic levitation seen in the bullet train while at the same time, the force of the new forming planet serves as a ground for the electricity giving it a linear path to move through like a synapse (Eskridge). When the next group of neutrons shot out, the same process took place but this time the neutrons shot out in alignment with the first planet due to the electrical path between the sun and the new forming planet. Each smaller black hole formation taking place with the push and pull of electrical flow bounding from the sun and back creates more force by limiting the amount of space the sun’s pulsating energy has to move through creating more concentrated heat and radiation at the center of the solar system.

[It is important to note that when the outward force is being applied to a black hole through the explosion phase, it creates suction through the opposite directions of the push creating swirling, trumpet flower shaped, vortexes. This sucks material from space to the center of the vortexes where entering space materials compress together and push outwards. If there is no material available for suction, or to add to the radiating energy, or to feed on, capacity is reached, the energy implodes, and the cycle continues, like breathing.]

     Now, the orbiting planets keeps the sun’s radiation in check and has created a gravitational ellipse instead of a sphere. This is how our solar system and each planet was created. The force from the planets’ orbits caused the sun to begin to rotate, and this allowed for perpetual energy flow between the force of Mercury’s orbit and the sun. All of the planets have between them a bit of friction free space the sun’s radiation has to bounce back and forth in and trapped electricity from creation. Moreover, we were created as planets from the inside out through a series of the sun’s explosions all from within a giant black hole; and, we are held inside the solar system from the outside in by the force of our orbiting planets. The most valuable part of this is that each planet is working together through the use of magnetic energy to keep the sun’s radiation in check while also helping to keep it burning bright. 

The God Particle, XXX-why 3’s

     A man, being the positive charge and the female being the negative charge, where is the antimatter portion of people if we’re saying the neutron is the God particle? The antimatter lies within the sperm, egg, ionized seminal fluid, placental feeding, and so on. At the center of life and life maintenance are nutrients. Within each sperm and egg lies deoxyribonucleic acid​ or DNA. In the middle of each cell, each initiating the mitosis, a bio-organic fusion process not that much different from the creation of our solar system takes place (Alberts, Johnson, Lewis). This means, when a woman conceives, the egg held within her body contains a nuclear explosion. Moreover, from the sugars and cell provided by the man, the lipids and proteins held within a woman’s egg, and the DNA from both, the cell within the egg has everything it needs to explode through mitosis (Lawentschuk). That explosion grew to become you. Therefore,​ man and woman are truly equal halves of one, mostly, with one small exception, a man will never be capable of becoming A sexual, the woman; however, carries within her the ability to clone through A sexual replication as she has within her everything to make both male and female humans, and gender is assigned in untero.  

If we really look at the solar system, it resembles an atom. The sun, being the center of the atom, is surrounded by the planets (electrons). If you cut the planet in half you will see the layers that represent the years it took to become created and it too resembles an atom. If you cut the sun in half, you will see the same thing; however, it is frozen inside as the sun’s center represents the female and the burning hot exterior represents the man. Deoxyribonucleic acid is in the center of every nucleus of every human cell. The brain’s communication pathway throughout the body is through neurons and nerves; and, heading the entire body is the nervous system.  

     Further, if one truly looks at life, all life is created from the center. Second, we have the spherical blast that created our solar system. We forget the first part of our lives began in the center of our vast and ever expanding universe; therefore, we are a solar system that is part of a much larger system full of sister planets and brother suns (sons) being shot out and created with each new explosion from the star, which may no longer exist as it did in the beginning. Life is created in the center of our bodies half way between the heat of our brains and the cool of the Earth. All life is created from a center and each center is half of one.

     We are all half of one and we see this in how all life on Earth is created and in how all life functions. Thus, our bodies alone show how one system shares the burden and each has its part in a way that creates synergy. Your kidneys will die trying to compensate for the liver. Your liver will do the same for your kidneys as all life requires symbiosis for homeostasis; therefore, altruism can be found within all of us. Because in the end, two halves must always come together to make one, Yin and Yang.  

The neutron, or the God particle, represents three, or the trinity, as when it dies, it breaks into three parts. Those three parts represent the electrical representations of man, woman, and the materials needed for species perpetuation. Moreover, If we look at each three as being within one person, we get 1+1=2 and 1+2=3 or the beginning of Fibonacci’s sequence which is found all over within nature. If we look at the number 69, we get 3+3+3 or mother and unborn child 3+3=6. If you add another three, 3+3+3 you get 9.

Therefore, If you merge 6 and 9 you get an ellipse with the number 8 or infinity inside it. What is 3 but half of infinity (8)? The two circles within the ellipse stands for mitosis; thus, if cell replication can exist, so then can life. This is why the number 666 is considered evil. It represents three unprotected pregnant women. Further, if you notice, 9 is the inverted version of P which we get in grandpa or Papa, the protector, who is the pathway to the mother mo or motion, or Fe-male, the earthen version of man, or MA who represents mass and acceleration.

     The God particle has been right in front of us the entire time, we have always known it, we just do not pay enough attention to ourselves. When the neutron dies, it breaks apart in an attempt to reignite a spark and to bring forth new life. The God particle represents life as it holds within it everything needed to bring forth life as well as provide what that life needs to sustain itself and replicate making it also represent eternity. However, no one neutron can initiate this process alone. So, one day a giant group of neutrons got together, and died. Through their deaths, a star was born. With that star also came the planets, moons, you and me. Where the neutrons came from, I do not know. The God? My best guess would be our last solar system’s star died and it created a new one. I just know they all had to come from somewhere and I appreciate the wonder I am still left with because who wants all the questions answered at once?  

What Did We Just Learn?

This paper was written in order of importance according to what we need through the teaching of Jesus Christ, or Jesus and Mary Christ given Mary taught her son how to live by taking care of and feeding him in a manner that allowed him to truly ascend to adulthood which permitted him to reach the full potential of his brain and body.  So, if I taught you nothing else, please read and listen to the following bullets.

❏ First, we need to understand ourselves and our needs.  

❏ It is important to listen to what our bodies need because we cannot help others if we are not healthy.  

❏ We need to help each other and stop harming each other. We are all valuable and intentional.

❏ Helping ourselves, helping each other, caring, sharing, and self-actualization are all essential parts of living a happy, healthy life with the path of least resistance. Otherwise we stress ourselves out and cause damage to our lives, relationships, and bodies. The fact is, we need each other for survival as we are each only half of one battery. 

❏ It is important to understand that evolution applies to humans as much as it does to any other animal. It is to be embraced and not feared as nature is smarter than we are.  

❏ It is important to understand how valuable we all are to all life as we are not just life on a planet, we are the life within our solar system and not separate from it. We are all functional solar systems in our own right with each firing synapse and through the pulsing energy circulating throughout our bodies. And, none of us can do this alone.  

❏ The most important message is that collaboration is how we help ourselves as a species. Truth should not be hidden, it should be shared but first everyone must be willing to work together and willing to receive truth or we are lost. Jesus, Mohamad, Buddah, Moses, their wives or female counterparts and so on are all examples of absolute geniuses who understood life in a way no one else could. That’s not to say they weren’t prophets. They were just also very intelligent people who understood life. Their books each were compiled and protected by their respective religions. However, those books are all pieces of one set and with collaboration, their majesty can be deciphered, and delivered onto the world as we all deserve because they are the bridge between God and science, or as far as we’ll get.

Who is the Auntie Christ?

Who is the “Ante-Christ”? The Antechrist is the antecedent to Jesus Christ. Moreover, she is, the Mother, who was revered and worshipped for her ability to bring forth and sustain life for thousands of years before the existence of Jesus Christ, Christianity, and every other religion created by post-tribal civilization. Mothers were considered the most sacred of people for this ability as life and the perpetuation of all life requires either the coexistence of and synergetic relationship between man and woman, or through A sexual replication which is not impossible in women if evolution deems it necessary. We have not seen such a relationship between the male and female in society since the beginning of civilization when women were separated from their children and each other as women and children became the first human slaves of humankind. Children are the most valuable and precious people on Earth as they will dictate our posterity; however, they are also the most fragile of us all and must be treated with absolute and unconditional love, care, and security.

Early on, many pagan religions sacrificed men and virgin females. This was their way of not harming unborn children as the mother was the ultimate human and Life perpetuation and sustainment was believed to be the meaning of life. Humans are the only animals who question this. Being the ultimate human, does not mean to be superior. There is no superior with humans or life in general, only collaboration and synergy.

The woman has both X genes and; thus, has within her everything necessary for life renewal. The Y chromosome does not. This is why men are the protectors of humanity and life on Earth. Women and their bodies must enter into a fragile state to bring forth life and man is necessary to protect and serve her and their unborn life. The Holy Trinity is the Mother, Father, and the Child. Father….Son…Holy ghost? Two men and a ghost cannot represent life.  Further, a man, who represents the sun and a ghost, represents a man standing alone with a ghost. This represents the end of our kind.

The Ante-Christ and Anti-Christ are and should always be opposing forces. The antichrist is seen in everyone exhibiting “anti-Christian” behaviors (Not to take away from other religions and their beliefs in kindness to others, it is merely a term). Moreover, it is seen in most everyone within our society through cruelty toward innocence, apathy, and indifference. It is in the adult who views the body of any child as anything other than sacred. Hence, the antichrist in its most evil form in seen in child and animal abuse because it takes from that individual the ability to do what evil is a heteropalindrome for, to truly, live. No mother should allow for such behaviors in her children or in her male counterpart. Further, no man should allow for such behaviors in his child or in his female counterpart. Those behaviors are indicative of systemic illness, is why our check and balance system is so valuable, and why we need to help each other out of this mess we created for ourselves and for our children.

  So go be kind, help people and take care of yourselves. Be kind to children, elderly, people with special needs, people who are different than you, and all other walks of life. It is their world too and we are supposed to be guardians of all life here in the form of kindness and respect as all life is sacred. We need each other for survival so no, you cannot do it alone and people are not disposable. I will need collaboration for the next portion of this because decoding religious books to show the value in each of them, which I can do, and how they all are correct and how they work together is just too big a job for one person and should be reserved for a group. After all, you cannot have physicians without physics.  

Thank you for reading my work and have a wonderful day, 

 M.C. She-land

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Honorable Mentions  

This paper is the result of years of being sick and trying to help myself and others. After years of researching and learning on my own through the phenomenal colleges and government agencies out there who post informational articles, I had a breakthrough as a series of correlations took me from the brain to particle physics. Over the years my favorites sources have been Oxford, National Institute of Health, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, the University of Washington, Alabama (Tuskegee, and University of), Texas, and NYU. I honestly looked through information from the East coast to the west coast, and nearly every college in between as well as internationally in countries such as India, Italy, Great Britain, and so forth so thank you all.  

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